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Ulysses S. Grant brought a Newfoundland dog named Faithful to the White House. Faithful belonged to Jesse Grant, the son of President Grant.




NCNE Rescue and Referral Service

The goals of the Newfoundland Club of New England Rescue & Referral Service (NCNERRS) are as follows:

  • To identify and take into immediate care, Newfoundlands who have been lost, abandoned, surrendered or otherwise disowned.

  • To provide all care necessary to bring rescued Newfoundlands into adoptable condition, as necessary or appropriate.

  • To find suitable adoptive homes for these displaced dogs.

  • To provide all possible assistance to an adoptive home to ensure the permanent welfare of the Newfoundlands adopted.

  • To educate the public regarding our purpose and scope of our activities.

  • To educate and assist owners to prevent Newfoundlands from being surrendered.

In the best interest of the dogs and to save time and avoid misunderstandings please fill out the NCNERRS Adoption Application and return it to NCNE Rescue, 40 Durham St., Nashua, NH 03063 before calling about a particular dog.  

Rescue Volunteers Needed!

NCNERRS desperately needs your help!  Rescue Volunteers are at the heart of everything Rescue does.  We can't do this important work without you. 

  • Could you transport a dog?

  • Could you do home checks?

  • Could you help with grooming?

  • Could you be a mentor?

  •  Could you foster (short or long term)?

  • If you think you could help us with any of these things, please fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire and return it to us as soon as possible.

 NCNERRS Volunteer Questionnaire

For more information, please email us at or call 1-855-NEWFIES (639-3437).


Adopting a Rescue Newfoundland

NCNE proudly maintains a rescue and referral service for the purpose of finding good homes for displaced Newfoundland dogs. Newfoundlands come into Rescue for a variety of reasons. Sometimes families need to give up their Newf, because they do not have adequate time to spend with the dog, allergies or health problems, financial reasons, or behavioral concerns. People often buy a puppy and don't anticipate the size of an adult or the commitment of time, grooming and training. Other families are faced with personal crises. Some rescues are the victims of neglect or abuse.

A veterinarian evaluates every Newfoundland that comes into Rescue. All rescued Newfs are brought up to date on all core vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. We test for tick-born illnesses including heartworm and Lyme disease and a battery of blood work is performed, including a full CBC/Chem Screen.  NCNERRS is committed to providing care for any treatable illness or injury. Rescue volunteers also make careful assessments of temperament and behavior.

In order to make the best possible match between the Newfs in rescue and you, we have a multi-step adoption process. Once we receive your completed adoption application, we will check the provided references and make arrangements for a volunteer to visit your home and family.  Home visits are NOT white glove inspections; they are the best way for  us to get to know you and your family better and help us determine what type of dog would best meet your needs. They also give us the opportunity to discuss Newfoundland care and safety issues as well as personally answer any questions about the breed or the adoption process.   

Our goal for each Newfoundland rescue is to place them in a home with caring people who will make them a life long family member.

NCNERRS Adoption Application

 For information or assistance, please call 1-855-NEWFIES (639-3437)  or email us at NCNE Rescue

Surrendering your Newfoundland

We understand that giving up your Newfoundland is a difficult decision, but we realize that in making this choice, you are thinking about your dog's best interests. We are here to help.  Above all, please be honest; we understand your dog may not be perfect, but the more we know then the better we are able to find the right new home for your dog. Your dog deserves a second chance to find a wonderful home, and by providing us with the detailed information, you will help the NCNE Rescue & Referral Service better accomplish this goal.

Every dog is placed in an approved foster home until an appropriate permanent home is found. In all cases the best interests of the dog is paramount. We applaud your decision for giving your dog a second chance for a good life through this program.

Note: We can only accept purebred Newfoundlands into NCNE Rescue.

For information or assistance, please call 1-855-NEWFIES (639-3437) or email us at NCNE Rescue

Happy Tails

.Here are some of our Rescues who have completed the journey to loving new homes.

Happy Tails


Donate to NCNE Rescue

Our adoption fees do not cover all of the costs involved in operating our rescue service.  We gratefully accept donations of any amount.   If you would like to help us re-home and rehabilitate these amazing dogs, please send a check to:

NCNE Charitable Fund Inc.
Lori Bryant
40 Durham St.,
Nashua, NH 03063

NCNE Rescue only covers the six New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut). 

To find a rescue organization in your area, you may wish to visit these rescue sites for contact information:

Newfoundland Rescue Contact Listing


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