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We are so excited you have stopped by to check out our club!  We love Newfoundlands.  We hope you will check out our site and look into coming to one of our many events.  We offer opportunities for people who love Newfs to gain experience, share experience and have lots of fun!  Check back often.  We have a very robust calendar of events year round for every aspect of Newfie love!


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A Video From Our Winter Draft Test

Leash Flyer - Water Test 8-2023

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If you would like to submit NewfPrints Deadlines:   Jan. 15, March 15, May 15, July 15, Sept. 15, Nov. 15  (contact Terry Linehan)

NCA/NCNE Support Cruciate Ligament Rupture Study 5 years and older dogs with healthy knees are needed!!!

Cruciate Ligament Rupture Study (Dr. Peter Muir and researchers at University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, Comparative Genetics and Orthopaedic Research Laboratory.) is looking for x-rays of knees from dogs without known knee problems.

NCNE will cover the cost of X-rays and is looking for several dogs to participate. The dogs must be 5 years and older. Pedigrees must be available to share with the researchers. The study is to develop a genetic test to determine the genetic risk of developing cruciate ligament rupture in Newfoundlands. It is supported by Newfoundland Club of America, Charitable Trust, but needs more dogs to participate. The laboratory has already developed and is offering a test for Labrador Retrievers.

If you would like to participate in the study, please contact Kikuko Chang (snowhavennewf@gmail.com) for more information.
You can find more about this study based on Labradors at https://www.vetmed.wisc.edu/lab/corl/canine-genetic-testing/ and https://www.vetmed.wisc.edu/new-genetic-test-identifies-dogs-risk-