Adoption Agreement

    In consideration of the donation of $600 for adults and $700 for puppies, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned adopter(s) do hereby forever release, discharge and hold harmless, the Newfoundland Club of New England (hereafter called NCNE) and any other person, firm, or corporation charged or chargeable with responsibility of liability, their heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns, from any and all claims, damages, costs, expenses, loss of services, actions and causes of action belonging to the said adopter(s) arising out of any act or occurrence, on account of the adoption of subject dog:
  • The undersigned adopter(s) further agrees to abide by the terms of adoption, as listed:

    1. The dog must be neutered or spayed within (30) days of placement. Under no circumstances will this dog be used for breeding purposes.
    2. If for any reason, the adoption is not satisfactory to the adopting party or if the adopter(s) fail to comply with all the terms/conditions of this agreement, or if any misrepresentations have been made by the adopter(s) during the entire life of the adopted dog, the dog must be returned to NCNE immediately.
    3. The dog may not be transferred to any other person, firm, or corporation, for any reason, whatsoever. NCNE must be notified upon the death of said rescue dog. Adopter agrees to notify NCNE if dog is lost for more than 24 hours. NCNE will accept return of said dog at any time, for any reason.
    4. It is completely understood that this dog will be kept as a house dog, not a kennel or yard dog or outside dog. Furthermore, it is understood that this dog will not be kept chained or on a tie out, at any time. The primary function of this dog is to be a pet and companion; the dog must never be allowed to roam, at large, without supervision.
    5. The adopter(s) agree to provide proper care for the dog, including but not limited to veterinarian care, proper food, health care and care related to general well-being, i.e., love, affection.
    6. NCNE reserves the right to periodically check on the dog to ensure that adopter(s) is in compliance with this agreement. NCNE retains the right to reclaim said dog when warranted, due to neglect, abuse, inadequate care or breach of contract. The adopter(s) agrees to relinquish custody of said dog to a member of NCNE immediately upon request, without legal writ or order, until the situation warranting the reclamation is rectified.
    7. NCNE reserves the right to follow through on this adoption in order to protect the welfare of the rescue dog. If the terms and conditions of this agreement are not upheld by the adopter(s), and/or if any misrepresentations have been made to NCNE by said adopter(s), NCNE reserves the right to terminate this agreement and the adopter(s) must return the dog to NCNE.
    8. Should it become necessary for NCNE to take part in any legal action whatsoever in reference to the adopted dog, including but not limited to enforcing the provisions of this agreement, the undersigned adopter(s) agree to pay all court costs, legal fees, and attorney’s fees, their own and those of NCNE and NCNE authorized agents.
    9. NCNE and its representatives accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused by this dog, or guarantee as to its present or future medical condition or temperament.
    10. The adopter(s) agree to provide evidence that the dog has completed a basic obedience class with an accredited dog trainer within (6) months of the adoption date.

    11. NCNE Has provided a GPS Tracking collar to the adopter for use on the adopted dog. This collar includes a 1 year subscription for the GPS Tracking service. The Adopter(s) agree to maintain the GPS Tracker account with updated information and active service for a minimum of the 1 year period provided at adoption and is encouraged by NCNE to continue maintaining this subscription for the life of the dog.

    12. NCNE has microchipped your dog and updated the microchip information to include the adopter(s) information in addition to the contact information for NCNE. The Adopter(s) agree to inform NCNE of any changes in address or contact information so that NCNE can maintain the most current information on the microchip for the life of the dog.

    The adopter(s) affirm that said dog is being adopted as a companion animal and agree to abide by the terms of this agreement. By signing, the adopter is stating that each clause and the contract in its entirety has been read and understood by him and is signing of his own free will and not under duress of any kind. Adopter(s) affirms that he has never been charged with animal cruelty, and is not an animal dealer or broker.

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