Axel's Journey

Hi Everyone, Meet Axel!

Axel is a 15 week old puppy who is all puppy breath, puppy kisses, spunk and playfulness, just as a puppy should be! Unfortunately, Axel was born with a pretty significant deformity in his left front leg and will need that leg removed. Additionally, his ligaments in his right front leg are extremely loose which is resulting in an over extension of his wrist. Axel is going to have to wear a brace while he grows and once he’s full grown we’ll do an additionally surgery to fuse that wrist joint so that he won’t have any pain.

Axel will need to continue to wear his wrist brace for life, and as he gets older, may also need the assistance of a pair of front wheels for longer walks and activities.

The good news though is that aside from his front limbs, Axel is a happy, healthy puppy! His hips look good and he’s just a bundle of snuggly love.
We’re looking for an extra special foster to adopt home for Axel where he can recover from surgery, and grow to be the happy, gorgeous Newfoundland that we know he will be! If you think you may be this home, please reach out to NCNE Rescue at or call (855) NEWFIES (855) 639-3437.


Axel Updates


Well folks, it’s official! Axel is off to his furever. Since there’s still continuing veterinary care needed he’s there as a “foster to adopt”, but make no mistake, he’s HOME. Seriously, I couldn’t have scripted a more perfect home for our little nugget and his new momma has promised to keep us all updated on his life and adventures.
Let’s all send some special love to Kris Bruno and her family. They got this boy through a LOT and letting him go was definitely not easy, but they knew it’s the best thing for him. I hear that Kris is accepting donations of alcohol and chocolate...

Axel update

As you can see Axel is growing!😏 He’s having a great time fighting over sticks in the river with Brady and swimming in the lake. He’s so much fun and he’s just the sweetest boy.

Keep your eye out for updates on Axel. We will be posting here on the site and on the rescue facebook page.