Good Sportsmanship Award

Each year the Club asks us to nominate a member to receive our Good Sportsmanship Award. The selection committee is made up of the five most recent Award recipients, with the previous year’s recipient serving as the chair of the committee. 

Good Sportsmanship Award – 2017


Good Sportsmanship Award – 2015


Good Sportsmanship Award – 2014

Terry Linehan

I was first introduced to her through our Newfoundlands, 12 years ago. She came to a water training session with this tremendous amount of energy and willingness to learn and work with others. She is one who will always find that encouraging word during less than encouraging times. During training, you will find her in the water and assisting all participants until everyone has completed their turn. She has become an excellent trainer over the years and graciously and unselfishly helps the different training groups.

This woman has put working titles on her Newfs keeping her perseverance even after her first working Newf took 16 times to earn his water title. She has recently become involved in the show ring where another one of her Newfs earned the title of Champion!

This incredible woman takes the word “No” and translates it into “How can I help?” If she can’t help, she will even offer her husbands help! She has chaired multiple water tests, stewarded at both water and draft tests, been editor of NewfPrints and has regularly provided merchandise either discounted or for free from her own business to be used as prizes and gifts at NCNE events and the NCNE Rescue program. She has generously supported rescue with donations she and her husband have earned providing draft demo’s for the purpose of educating new groups to the art of draft work. She volunteers her time to help rescue complete home checks all while maintaining her own job and running her business.

Because of all these exceptional attributes routinely exhibited by this fantastic woman, I am privileged and honored to be able to present the prestigious award for Good Sportsmanship to Terry Linehan.

Good Sportsmanship Award – 2013

Lori Bryant
Over the years many of our deserving members have been recognized with the Club’s Award for Good Sportsmanship.

The recipient of our award this year joined NCNE about ten years ago, I believe, and it didn’t take her long to take on an active role in the Club. She not only attended events and worked with her dogs toward their titles; she volunteered to help, as well as to chair a number of our events. Then several years ago she was elected to become our Working Dog Secretary. I’m sure you realize by now that I’m talking about Lori Bryant. If you look at the list of all the wonderful events that are held each year – Draft Tests, Water and Draft Fun Days, Water Tests, Christmas Tree Pulls – you can’t help but realize that Lori has been doing a remarkable job.

They say that if you need something done, just ask a busy person! So a few years ago when the Club found itself needing someone to “temporarily” just take calls for Rescue, Lori volunteered. Now, Lori is into Rescue “up to her ears.” She is always transporting dogs somewhere in New England to be sure they find their forever homes. She has put together a great group of volunteers that help her pick up, evaluate, foster and place the many Newfs that continue to come through Rescue. Yet, despite all her responsibilities at home and at her job, neither our working events nor Rescue has suffered. She pours her heart and soul into everything she does.

I’m pleased to present this year’s Good Sportsmanship Award to Lori Bryant. Congratulations, Lori!