NCNE Stance on Vaccinations

NCNE Stance on Vaccinations

We have an upcoming event, Cabin Fever, which we have held for about 15 years at the same location.  We have always been excited to have so many people attend.  It is a terrific opportunity for people to come and share their stories, ask their questions and also find out if a Newfoundland is a dog for their family.  The venue has recently changed hands and the new owners are requiring any dog brought onto the premise to have proof of Rabies, Distemper-Parvo and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations.  The board of directors had extensive conversation about this new requirement, and we decided to hold the event, rather than cancel, since there are over 30 people who have already responded they will attend and bring the documents of the vaccination or titer.  Also, the committee has put a lot of effort into the event and has many really great opportunities planned.

We appreciate this is not how everyone feels.  We can tell you that no member of the current board vaccinates our dogs for Bordetella, and we understand many others do not either.  We will likely look for a new venue in the future but will hold Cabin Fever as originally planned this year.  Please note, we have NO INTENTION of requiring proof of vaccination at our future events unless a law were to require it.  We hold many events year-round and you do not have to worry about needing to bring any paperwork with you.  That said, if you are crossing state lines with your dog, or taking your dog to a dog show, obedience trial, etc, you could be asked to provide evidence of a rabies vaccine.  Many of us carry the paperwork in my vehicles for this very reason.  We suggest you do the same for your protection, should you be stopped or asked for it.  Although unlikely, it is possible.

The board apologizes if you were planning to attend Cabin Fever and cannot bring your dog because of the vaccination requirement.  We support your decision around vaccination.


The NCNE Board of Directors.

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