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Surrendering your Newfoundland

 We understand that giving up your Newfoundland is a difficult decision, but we realize that in making this choice, you are thinking about your dog’s best interests. We are here to help. Above all, please be honest; we understand your dog may not be perfect, but the more we know then the better we are able to find the right new home for your dog. Your dog deserves a second chance to find a wonderful home, and by providing us with the detailed information, you will help the NCNE Rescue & Referral Service better accomplish this goal.

Every dog is placed in an approved foster home until an appropriate permanent home is found. In all cases the best interests of the dog is paramount. We applaud your decision for giving your dog a second chance for a good life through this program.

Note: We can only accept purebred Newfoundlands into NCNE Rescue.

For information or assistance, please email us at or call (855) NEWFIES (855) 639-3437.