Promoting the Newfoundland Dog breed since 1969

Who Are We?

The Newfoundland Club of New England, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded in 1969 with clear objectives intended to promote the Newfoundland Dog breed. NCNE has over 600 individual, family, and honorary members.

NCNE is a regional club of the Newfoundland Club of America and offers its members a variety of activities each year from fun days to working events to supported entries at American Kennel Club dog shows and obedience trials. Members are encouraged to participate and help with the organization of these events. NCNE also publishes a bi-monthly newsletter for its membership.

The Club calls its annual membership meeting each summer for elections and annual awards. Attendance is encouraged but not required. A Board of Directors meets quarterly to conduct Club business. Any member may attend these board meetings.

Anyone who is interested in becoming an NCNE member may apply. You do not need to own a dog! If you are a newcomer to Newfoundlands or purebred dogs in general, you are sure to find a wealth of helpful information and interesting activities. If you are a seasoned veteran to the breed your experience and knowledge is welcome.

The Newfoundland Club of New England is pleased to announce that we have established The Newfoundland Club of New England Charitable Fund, Inc. a 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Code corporation. As such we will be accepting TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTIONS to this fund. Please make your tax deductible check to NCNE Charitable Fund, Inc. and specify whether you would like to have your contribution go to either Rescue or Scholarship.

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